Image Editing Services
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background removal


Our Background Removal Services ensure high quality extraction from the photos. the objects are removed from the background removal.

photo retouching


We provide photo retouching services . you can change your Basic photograph to a brand new digital photo retouching. Remove an unwanted stranger from your photo

We successfully completed 9th year journey of Yantram Image editing Studio

First few image we will give you free. Send us   image for Demo.

photo manipulation


We provide photo manipulation services to modifying a photograph either by adding objects, people or things in the background or foreground .

wedding photo editing

Wedding Photo Restoration

Our wedding photo editing services ensure high quality extraction from the photos Image correction, enhancement, Renaming, Re-sizing, Watermarking...

photo restoration


If that cherished photo has been damaged, torn by accident or simply and deteriorated through age. we can repair Photo Restoration services. Old photos can be restored ,enhanced ,cleaned.

vector conversion


We are converting images/photos into vector art. Convert any Logo, Artwork, Illustration, Stencils, Maps, Signs, Crests, Decal designs, Photographs

photo enhancement

Photo Enhancement Services

Yantram photo enhancement services can colorize a black & white photo, add, modify or remove a background or object or retouch the image.

photo montage

Photo Montage services

We provide photo montage service for Architectural ,Product, Modeling shoot, wedding making a composite photograph by cutting & joining photographs.

360 panoramic

360 Panoramic

Yantram Image Editing Studio, offers 360 panoramic imaging, Virtual Tour from graphic designer the raw Image Editing Service and photo editing services.

HDR imaging

HDR Imaging

Yantram Image Editing Studio, offers HDR photography, High Dynamic Range Imaging from graphic designer the photo editing services.

image blending

Image Blending

image blending Services is the process by which we blend two images or more in order to generate an enhanced image in terms of quality, color.

Photo Editing Services | Image Editing Services

Yantram Leading Outsource Image Editing Studio, offers Image processing Services like photo editing services, image editing services, photo enhancement services, photo retouching Service, photo restoration services, digital photo retouching, digital photo restoration from graphic designer the raw Image Editing Service and photo editing services.

We have experience working on all kind of small and large images processing projects. Our dedicated graphic designer of highly skilled and experienced graphic professionals works on
Wedding photo Editing, wedding photo restoration, edit wedding pictures,& restore wedding pictures the photo editing and photo retouching requirements for Photographer,.

Wide range of Image editing India in Yantram Photo editing Studio :

  • Photographers    • Studios    • Art Galleries    • Magazine Editors    • Real Estate Agents    • Online Shopping Stores  


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