Photo Masking Services
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Photo Masking Services India
Photo masking Service is done when isolating a part of a photograph from the rest of the photo where the edges are not clearly defined.

Why Image masking is necessary?
Image Masking Service is done for the kind of images which have blur edge, transparent glass and very thin portion, like flying hair.

Image masking Services India
Image masking work, when separating a part of a photograph from the rest of the photo where the edges of the photo are not well defined like hairs, fur etc.

Outsource Photo Masking Services to Yantram
Yantram is a leading image editing company in India that can offer you professional image masking services at a cost effective price. Outsource your photo masking work to us.



Photo Masking Services


Why outsource image masking services to Yantram?

Image masking services can present a better image of your company or of your products/services. By outsourcing image masking services to an expert like yantram in India, you can be sure to impress your customers.


Why Outsource Photo Masking Services to India?
When you outsource image masking services, you would just need to specify the end result that you are looking for, and leave the rest to a dedicated team of professionals. In fact you can even take advice on what the end result should be from our professionals, if you so desire.

Photoshop Masking Services
 When your image needs to be masked from its backdrop without missing the minute details of even intrinsic hairstyles, professionals at yantram utilize masking in Photoshop.

Photo Masking Service Companies
The masking process is a fairly time consuming work and requires a highly skilled image editors and depends a lot on the image and area to be masked. Yantram is a pioneer image masking service provider in India who delivers superior quality image masking services.

Image Masking Service Company India | UK |USA
Yantram offers high quality, and affordable image masking services. You can use our image masking services to bring interesting effects in a photo. Our image masking professionals use complex images masked with no difficulty and perfection.

Fast and cost effective Image Masking / photo Masking
We offer custom, high quality and affordable Image / Photo masking services. Our photo / images masking services are available at an affordable price.

Transparency masking | Complex layer masking
Yantram Offers Transparency masking which is used for removing transparent objects, such as glass, from the background. And Complex layer masking which is used for highlighting fine objects in the background such as feathers, hair.

Alpha channel masking | College masking
Yantram Offers Alpha channel masking which is used for translucent and transparent images that are difficult to mask by creating layers over it. And College masking which is used to erase the background from an image.

Photo Retouching Studio – Photo Retouching Firm
Yantram offer photo colorizing and a restoration service, which is colorizing a black and white photo, restoring very old damaged photographs, which are faded and creased with marks, stains, dust and scratches etc; back to original condition. We also color cartoon images.

Picture Masking Outsourcing Company
What is unique as far as image-editing services are concerned is the use of complex images masked with no difficulty and perfection. Although, getting a perfect image masking effect is both difficult and time consuming, our professionals at Image Editing Services are adept in delivering the best image.

Professional Photo Masking | Professional Photo Masking Services
Your search for an affordable professional photo masking service provider ends here. Yantram is the provider of magnificent image masking solutions in India who can fulfil all your masking requirements at a nominal price.

Clipping Path | Image Clipping | Photo Clipping Services
Yantram is a pioneer in the clipping path business. Way before others thought about this, we saw the synergy we can form with graphic artists, prepress companies, and other people who flinch when making clipping paths and image / Photo masking.


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